Auckland Outdoor Expo

In early November, the WanderSearch Auckland Charitable Trust were invited to showcase the WanderSearch Auckland tracking program at the inaugural Auckland Outdoor Expo held at the ASB Showgrounds.

Golden Bridge Exhibition Ltd, in conjunction with Xiyangyang NZ Travel, organised the Expo which was primarily targeting the NZ Chinese community and showcasing the various outdoor activities available throughout New Zealand as well as how to stay safe while enjoying our great outdoors.   Exhibitors included travel and tourism agencies, Dunedin Railways, AJ Hackett Bungy, several exclusive estates including Kourawhero Estate and Kokako Lodge as well as Nomad Safaris and various other organisations from all around New Zealand.

WanderSearch Auckland Charitable Trust teamed up with NZ Search & Rescue (SAR) and Auckland Police SAR for a combined exhibit promoting not only the WanderSearch Tracking program but also promoting the Safety Code for Outdoors including what equipment to take with you when you go for a day walk in our beautiful bush and the correct clothing that should be worn.

With approximately 10,500 people visiting the expo over the weekend, it was an ideal opportunity to interact with the NZ Chinese community and to raise their awareness of how to stay safe in the outdoors as well as to inform them about the WanderSearch Auckland tracking program, who it is for and how it can benefit and support the families dealing with people living with a cognitive impairment.

Each day we had a raffle which contained items that would be useful when going outdoors and the raffles were drawn as the event closed each day.   The winner of Saturday’s raffle was Joy Xu who was still at the event and was able to collect the raffle herself.   Zhen Xu won Sunday’s raffle and this was delivered to him that afternoon.   Both people were very happy with winning the raffles and we hope they enjoy all the goodies that were in the baskets.

For more information on the Safety Codes while Outdoors, Boating or on the Water, visit


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