New Milestones

The WanderSearch Auckland Charitable Trust has been managing the WanderSearch Auckland Tracking program in the greater Auckland region for the last 18 months after it took over the management of the program from Auckland Land Search & Rescue volunteers and during this period, we have reached a couple of milestones for the program.

Our first milestone is that since 2009, the WanderSearch Auckland Tracking equipment has been used in 270 searches in the greater Auckland region to assist in locating clients who have been reported missing.   Utilising this equipment to locate these clients has greatly reduced the stress experienced by the families of those who have gone missing as well as saving the missing person from potential harm.

Our second milestone is that our client numbers now exceed 250! For the last year our numbers have hovered around 245 clients however in August, due to an increased demand for our services, our numbers have broken through and past the 250 barrier and are steadily rising.

Not only have the numbers in the Auckland region increased, there has also been in increase in the number of enquiries received by the various groups throughout New Zealand who are managing this program in their respective areas.   This can be partially attributed to the wonderful work being done by the groups managing the program throughout NZ who are working with all the various organisations such as Alzheimers, Autism, NZ Police, DHB etc to raise the awareness of this program as well as the publicity that is occurring via local media outlets.

The public’s awareness of this program has also been increased with programs such as “Women in Blue” and “Police Ten-7” where this program has been mentioned / shown.

Watch this space to see what other milestones that this program is going to achieve!

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