WanderSearch Auckland Acknowledged By NZ Search & Rescue with Gold Award for Support Activity

At an awards ceremony held at Parliament on Tuesday 24th May, Delanie Halton, Co-ordinator for the WanderSearch Auckland Tracking program has been acknowledged by New Zealand Search & Rescue Council for her work with the WanderSearch program not only in Auckland but also around NZ.

“Delanie Halton has been involved in the WanderSearch programme since 2009.   She is a 20-year-long member of Auckland LandSAR and a member of its line rescue team.   Delanie is also the administrator for WanderSearch Auckland Charitable Trust, involved in applying for and sourcing corporate and private funding.   She has helped establish standards for equipment and research that are presently being reviewed by WanderSearch New Zealand to become part of the national standards.   She has also comprehensively researched wanderers to establish patterns in New Zealand, and to determine wanderers’ needs within the community.   Delanie has built relationships with the Auckland District Health Board and facilitated the introduction and training of the WanderSearch programme into its high care unit at Auckland Hospital.     She has liaised with rest homes, highlighting what is needed to support potential wanderers and their caregivers.     She has assisted other WanderSearch entities in setting up and applying for funding, and with the continued training of their individual programmes.    Delanie keeps New Zealand informed of issues and trends through her monthly newsletters, has developed the Auckland WanderSearch Charitable Trust website, and is currently working on a national WanderSearch version.     Delanie has continually supported the Auckland Police SAR squad and conducts WanderSearch training at Search and Rescue(SAR) Exercises.   She has developed extensive partnerships within Auckland with key stakeholders and actively promotes SAR and WanderSearch at public talks, promotions and displays.”

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