Tracking devices

WanderSearch Auckland Charitable Trust manages the WanderSearch tracking programme in the greater Auckland area.

This is a simple radio frequency tracking system which provides individuals with a small radio frequency device that can be found by using specialised equipment (receiver units and aerials).

Tracking Devices

The tracking devices come in various designs. Each device works on a radio band and a three digit frequency which is separated by five megahertz. The pulse from the tracking device can be picked up from a high point using the directional or roof mount aerial to give the initial direction of travel.

The key-ring device is similar to the pendant in shape and colour except it has a small loop at the top which allows it to be attached to house keys, belt loops or pinned to clothing.

The wrist device has an internal aerial.




Tracking Unit

The tracking unit is a New Zealand manufactured product and uses simplex radio
frequencies on bands 310 and 311 which are public frequencies.

The tracking unit comprises the Regal VHF Tracking Receiver,
a directional aerial and a roof mount aerial.